The Ohio Medicaid Assessment Survey (OMAS) provides data critical to measure the impact of health care reform over time.

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The Ohio Medicaid Assessment Survey (OMAS) delivers health and healthcare data to public and private organizations, including insight into the health status of Ohio’s Medicaid and Medicaid-eligible populations. OMAS provides necessary data to measure the impact of health care reform over time, especially issues relevant to the efficient administration of the Ohio Medicaid program. OMAS seeks to build long term partnerships amongst Ohio’s colleges and universities, state and local government, and private sector organizations to provide health services research expertise and assist in improving the health of Ohio’s Medicaid and Medicaid-eligible population.

The survey’s questionnaire and methods setup enables analytical modeling in the areas of health care access, health care utilization, health status, health behaviors, and determinants of health for adults and children. The OMAS includes measures of socioeconomic status, health service evaluation, and insurance status fluctuation to provide context to Ohio’s health system dynamics. Ohio’s health policy makers use these measurements for policy, planning, and program evaluation purposes.

Since its inception, OMAS data and findings have been represented in peer-reviewed articles, refereed national conferences, and through academic and industry association lectures and presentations. State health policy makers continue to use the data for health policy planning and implementation purposes. Recent and prior data and results can be electronically obtained at