Health Professions Data Warehouse enables policymakers to see and quickly understand health professional data

Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center
Ohio Governor’s Office of Health Transformation
Ohio Department of Health
Ohio Department of Medicaid
Ohio Department of Administrative Services
Ohio’s Health Professions Licensure Boards and Commissions
National Health Workforce Technical Assistance Center

To identify and analyze Ohio’s current and future workforce capacity, the Health Professions Data Warehouse (HPDW) project’s purpose is to build an analytical engine that provides state health and human service agencies the technology to assess and forecast healthcare provider supply/demand, distribution, impact, and retention related to Ohio’s overall Medicaid healthcare workforce needs.

The HPDW will enable policymakers the opportunity to see and quickly understand their data, and allows Ohio stakeholders to securely and easily connect to data, choose a research parameter and see the selected data in maps and dashboards which quickly translate data into user-friendly information. The interactive visual will provide clarity of Ohio’s health professional data. It will allow stakeholders to make data-driven workforce policy decisions without getting overwhelmed by “big data”. The HPDW is currently being constructed by OSUWMC-GRC and is anticipated to go live in December 2015.

The Medicaid Technical Assistance and Policy Program (MEDTAPP) is a multi-agency agreement that funds Medicaid-focused healthcare quality improvement initiatives.  HPDW, a MEDTAPP project, includes the following partners: Ohio Governor’s Office of Health Transformation, Ohio Department of Health, Ohio Department of Medicaid, Ohio Department of Administrative Services, Ohio’s Health Professions Licensure Boards and Commissions, and the National Health Workforce Technical Assistance Center.

A unique component of the HPDW is its inclusion of 16 health professions licensed in the state of Ohio. The robust data set of health professions collected and analyzed within the HPDW will ensure Ohio can measure the state’s capacity of all members of the patient care team, not just physicians.