Consultation and Guidance

Medicaid programs and universities both benefit from appropriately structured and resourced  partnerships focused on addressing health and human service agency needs. The primary focus of University-State Partnerships is to help encourage and develop relationships that leverage these benefits, and that help Medicaid programs and universities meet their public service missions.

Experts within the University-Medicaid Partnerships collaborative have learned how to leverage state university systems to address critical healthcare delivery and financing needs and create a sustainable resource for state governments. While agencies have unmatched subject expertise, they are often challenged by a lack of consistent and professional advisory and operational resources. The public university can become a trusted advisor, perhaps even embedding itself within an agency or department’s operations to supply healthcare leadership and consultation.

Together, our team has over 25 years of experience forging and maintaining university-state partnerships. We now advise public universities, academic medical centers, and state agencies interested in adopting similar models. To request state specific consultation and guidance, please contact us. We will match you with resources that will best address your questions, interests and unique needs.

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