Building and Sustaining University-Medicaid Partnerships When State Governments Change

April 10, 2015
Program Coordinator
The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Office of Health Sciences, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
The Ohio State University
Executive Director, Center for Health Care Financing
Commonwealth Medicine
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Many of you are at the beginning of the journey to grow a successful and sustainable partnership between your public universities and your state's Medicaid-financed health and human service agencies. Perhaps there is a single faculty member who has been engaged around research or services that are of value to the state's program needs. Perhaps the state saw an expertise available through the university that was equal to or better than what it could find in the private sector.

How to grow that relationship into a true partnership that leverages available and new resources to provide mutual benefits is an enviable goal. What does it take to create a partnership that works, and can sustain the inevitable change that will occur?