Health Policy

Supporting the Needs of State Health Policy Makers through University Partnerships

State Medicaid programs and other state health agencies need to monitor and evaluate changes in health insurance coverage, access to care, financing, and the quality of health care delivery. The availability of new financial resources through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is accompanied by raised expectations for such accountability.

10 Years of Impact: A Literature Review of Chapter 58 of the Acts of 2006

This fact sheet presents a summary of the effects of Chapter 58 of the Acts of 2006, “An Act Providing Access To Affordable, Quality, Accountable Health Care, as reported in the many studies that have focused on Massachusetts’ reform. This high-level review summarizes the findings in various categories, including insurance coverage, access to care, health care utilization, and affordability for consumers. The authors also developed a full bibliography as a companion to the fact sheet.

The AcademyHealth Listening Project: Improving the Evidence Base for Medicaid Policymaking

The Listening Project, a signature activity of AcademyHealth’s Translation and Dissemination Institute, seeks to identify the most pressing research needs of leaders in health policy and health care delivery for the coming three to five years. Its goal is to foster greater interaction among the producers, funders, and users of health services and policy research (HSR) and spur the production and use of timely, relevant evidence to improve health and health care.

The role of health services research in developing state health policy

As their responsibility for health policy making grows, states are pursuing a variety of strategies for getting the research and analytical assistance they need, including expanding their relationships with university-based health services research and policy analysis programs. These collaborations raise a number of questions about the fit between states’ analytic needs and universities’ interest and capacity, and about the appropriate role of the university research organization in the often highly politicized state environment.

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