Massachusetts launches improved prescription drug monitoring program

August 21, 2016

Massachusetts' state government rolled out a new version of its prescription monitoring program, which will be easier for doctors to use and will allow data sharing between states. Gov. Charlie Baker also announced a new partnership among the state's teaching programs for nurses and physician assistants and with community health centers to teach medical practitioners about safe prescribing strategies for prescription drugs. The new prescription monitoring program is a revamped version of an old program, with easier-to-use technology. State officials say the old version was difficult for doctors to use, so few doctors used it. New rules go into effect Oct. 15 that require doctors to check the prescription monitoring program any time they prescribe a Schedule II or III drug. The new program will let doctors access data from other states by the end of the month - Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York - with other states expected to join later. For the first time, the system syncs with EMRs, and it allows doctors to designate delegates to use the system on their behalf.
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