Delaware's Christiana Care exploring resources for post-incarcerated patients

August 22, 2016

Inmates in Delaware who leave prison in poor health can have trouble getting immediate access to health care when released, but Christiana Care Health System has an idea for how to solve that problem. Following the model of six states, Christiana Care is looking at establishing a transitions care clinic - a clinic that would provide primary care to patients who were previously in jail. Christiana Care is seeking ways to make sure those leaving prison keep seeing doctors, and it has a $28-million grant sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and others to help them. It intends to research clinical practices elsewhere and find a solution that can help address this underserved population. Christiana Care doesn't yet have a firm timeline for implementing any options for helping post-incarcerated patients get the care they need, saying they'll take their time to find what will work best.