Medicaid, non-Medicaid children with asthma receive comparable in-hospital care

July 05, 2016

Children covered by Medicaid and equally sick children not covered by Medicaid received essentially similar asthma treatment in a given pediatric hospital, according to a study co-authored by researchers from the Center for Outcomes Research at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. The median patient cost was $4,263 for Medicaid patients versus $4,160 for non-Medicaid patients, very similar results. The median length of stay was one day for both groups, and ICU use was also comparable: 7.1% of Medicaid patients used the ICU, as did 6.7% of non-Medicaid patients. In addition, there was only slight variation across hospitals. Only two of the 40 hospital stood out for especially large differences between the two groups of patients. One hospital had higher costs for Medicaid patients, the other showed higher costs for non-Medicaid patients.