HHS report finds overwhelming satisfaction with doctors, plans among new Medicaid enrollees in expansion states

June 20, 2016

An HHS report indicates that 78% of new Medicaid enrollees indicated that without Medicaid expansion under the ACA, they wouldn't otherwise have the resources necessary to access regular care, while the majority of new Medicaid enrollees reported being satisfied with their health plans (93%) and their doctors (92%). Among the research's other findings:

  • Medicaid expansion improved the financial well-being for new enrollees, reducing third-party collections by $600 to $1,000 per individual in expansion states;
  • New Medicaid patients in expansion states are experiencing improved appointment availability with providers, and are more likely to have been seen by a provider in the past year compared with their counterparts in non-expansion states;
  • Compared with non-expansion states, enrollees in expansion states saw:
    • A 41% increase in preventive service visits in community health centers;
    • Access to Medicaid prescription drug refills increased 25.4% in states that expanded coverage, compared to only 2.8% in states that did not expand coverage; and
    • Cost-related barriers to dental care fell from 30% in 2013 prior to Medicaid expansion to 25% in 2014 post Medicaid expansion. 
  • In four Medicaid expansion states, the uninsured share of hospitalizations for people with HIV declined 60% compared to 8% in non-expansion states.