Vermont reports one in eight Medicaid enrollees no longer eligible in first estimate since 2104 expansion

June 07, 2016

The Shumlin administration says at least one in eight adults actively using an income-based Medicaid program no longer qualify for state-sponsored health insurance. It's the first empirical estimate the administration has given regarding how many people shouldn't be enrolled in a Medicaid program since the state expanded access in 2014. The income-based program had 78,577 people enrolled as of Oct. 1, according to data from the Department of Vermont Health Access. A report from the Joint Fiscal Office confirms the administration automatically moved 33,549 people from both the Vermont Health Access Plan and Catamount Health into the new form of Medicaid. The report notes of users automatically put into the Medicaid program, only about 60% of Vermont Health Access Plan users would have qualified and only between 5% and 20% of Catamount Health customers.
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