KFF provides overview of planning efforts for implementing Medicaid expansion in Louisiana

June 07, 2016

This fact sheet provides a look at the Louisiana’s planning efforts to implement Medicaid expansion. Louisiana’s planning efforts include:

  • Establishing Healthy Louisiana, a brand intended to convey the vision for health coverage opportunities and better outcomes. The state created a website to provide program information, enrollment instructions and news. The state is continuing to develop outreach materials, which it plans to evolve over time to maintain momentum after coverage becomes effective;
  • Taking steps to establish coordination between HealthCare.gov and the state Medicaid eligibility system. Louisiana also plans to employ a number of data-driven, "low touch, high impact" strategies to enroll specific populations as quickly and seamlessly as possible. By mining existing databases to identify people eligible for Medicaid the state aims to facilitate enrollment of some groups of eligible people into Medicaid without an application or by asking them to respond to an offer letter and answer a few simple questions;
  • Planning to make enrollment assistance available where and when people need it. The state intends to expand deployment of Medicaid eligibility workers within the community and to enhance the efforts of its regional Medicaid Application Assistance Centers by providing supports and incentives; and
  • Mounting efforts to find and enroll specific groups of people who are eligible for Medicaid for the first time. For example, the state is planning activities to help connect eligible individuals to Medicaid after a period of incarceration.