Commonwealth Fund: Majority of ACA, Medicaid customers satisfied with coverage, care access improved

May 24, 2016

Three-quarters of respondents in a Commonwealth Fund poll said they are satisfied with their health plans, with 71% of people enrolled in marketplace or Medicaid plans saying their health care plans were good, very good or excellent. The high satisfaction among plans comes after many experts warned that Obamacare customers could have a tougher time finding doctors in their area without wait times. Just 7% of people who enrolled said their coverage has gotten worse. The survey also found that 73% of marketplace enrollees and 93% of Medicaid enrollees who have had coverage for two months or less said their ability to get health care had improved or stayed the same since getting their insurance, but 11% of those with new marketplace coverage and 4% of those with new Medicaid coverage said their ability to obtain care had gotten worse.