Seniors look to technology, wellness goals, financial rewards to improve health: Survey

February 17, 2016

Welltok's Senior Health and Technology Survey found a majority of seniors (65 years and older) are eager and willing to improve their health using technology. Highlights include:

  • Nearly all seniors have a health goal (92%), including losing weight, increasing energy level and improving their physique, among others;
  • Over 80% say technology is part of their daily life, and more than half say they would use a health program accessible on a mobile device or computer if it was recommended by a doctor or caregiver. However, very few have embraced the wearable device movement, with only 6% currently using a tracking device;
  • Seniors need help decoding Medicare, as nearly two in five seniors are interested in information about healthcare insurance and benefits; and
  • They are motivated intrinsically to meet their health goals, with the desire to live a better life (71%), feel less pain (62%) and live independently (39%). Of seniors with room for improvement in their health status, 38% indicate that external motivators, such as gift cards and other financial rewards, would incentivize them to engage in healthier behaviors.