KFF survey examines Medicaid, CHIP eligibility, enrollment, renewal, cost-sharing policies

January 20, 2016

The ACA triggered increases in Medicaid eligibility levels and upgrades in states' Medicaid eligibility and enrollment systems, making it easier for individuals to enroll in Medicaid and producing faster eligibility decisions, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey of Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program eligibility levels and enrollment, renewal and cost-sharing policies. The survey finds, as of Jan. 2016, many states have revised enrollment and renewal processes in accord with the ACA. Online applications are now standard in virtually all states. Notably, 37 states can make Medicaid eligibility determinations for low-income children, pregnant women, and non-disabled adults within 24 hours. The survey also shows that, in 2015, states began resolving many of the challenges they faced when the new systems and processes were first launched in 2014. As of Jan. 2016, 47 states are up to date processing Medicaid renewals, and 34 states can process automated renewals using information from electronic data sources. Moreover, coordination between state Medicaid agencies and marketplaces improved in 2015.