LGBT activists say ACA, higher uninsured penalties, helping community gain access to coverage, but gaps still persist in states not expanding Medicaid

December 26, 2015

Obamacare is helping more members of the LGBT community gain access to health insurance, advocates say, and a federal partnership on the LGBT Week of Action, promoting insurance enrollment under the ACA, is pushing the access further. Another driving factor this year is higher penalties for those who are uninsured. Researchers say this population, discriminated against for decades, is disproportionately uninsured and underinsured and has had worse physical and mental health outcomes compared with heterosexuals. Many have not had access to preventive and routine care, ranging from mammograms to colonoscopies. Without Medicaid expansion, they are left uninsured in states like Florida, creating a coverage gap but groups like The Hope and Help Center of Central Florida, one of the main HIV/AIDS service organizations in Central Florida, is overseeing newly insured clients set up appointments with specialists such as dermatologists and oncologists, and providing better care, overall.
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