KFF poll finds seven in 10 Kentucky residents want to keep expanded Medicaid

December 10, 2015

More than seven in 10 residents of Kentucky want Gov. Matt Bevin (R) to keep the state's expanded Medicaid program as it is, according to a poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation. More than half of respondents described Medicaid as important for themselves and their families. Bevin is an opponent of the ACA who earlier this year called for reversing the Medicaid expansion on the grounds that it was unaffordable for the state. He has since backpedaled to say he will seek changes requiring Medicaid enrollees to have "skin in the game," such as by charging them monthly premiums. Yet the Kaiser poll found that 63% of Kentuckians have a favorable opinion of their state's Medicaid expansion. Support for the expanded Medicaid program was significant even among Republicans, of whom 54% said they would prefer to keep Medicaid as it is rather than scale it back to cover fewer people. Of respondents who voted for Bevin, 43% said they preferred keeping the program as it is now. Overall, 72% of poll respondents said Bevin should keep Medicaid as it is, while 20% said he should scale it back so that fewer people are covered. In all, 30 states have expanded Medicaid under the health law. Some Republican-led states, like Indiana, have won permission from the federal government to experiment with alternative ways of expanding the program, typically adding premium requirements and other rules that they describe as promoting personal responsibility. In his inaugural address, Bevin said he intends to "copy the best parts" of Indiana's program.
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