Alabama governor considering Medicaid expansion

November 12, 2015

Alabama's Republican governor says he is considering expanding Medicaid under Obamacare in his state. Gov. Robert Bentley indicated expanding Medicaid could help get more doctors into rural parts of the state. If Alabama did expand Medicaid, it would be a significant turning point in bringing expansion into the Deep South, where, so far, the Republican leadership has rejected it. Bentley has in the past indicated that he would seek to alter the program to make it more conservative, such as requiring people to work in order to receive benefits. Those changes would require approval from the Obama administration. The administration has made compromises with other Republican-led states on areas, including requiring people to pay premiums, but has rejected work requirements. There is also the question of resistance in the Republican legislature. Republican governors in some states, such as Tennessee and Utah, have tried to expand Medicaid but have been halted by lawmakers.