New Jersey county launches Medicaid eligibility pilot with Xerox

October 21, 2015

Morris County, N.J. is launching a Medicaid pilot aimed at cutting back on the time it takes to make eligibility decisions. The county will be working with Xerox on the project. As of Oct. 15, there were 33,253 Medicaid cases in Morris County in 2015. Each of these cases must be recertified on an annual schedule to ensure they still qualify for the earned benefit. As a result of Medicaid expansion in 2014, county caseloads increased by more than 50% statewide. County welfare agencies struggled to keep pace with increased volume. Xerox will take on application processing in order to cut back on backlogs and will do so without hiring additional public sector employees. Xerox already acts as New Jersey's health benefits coordinator. Only long-term care and emergency applications will remain with existing county caseworkers.