Children in families with mixed Medicaid/CHIP eligibility more likely to lack insurance, preventive health and dental care

October 19, 2015

According to a study funded by the AHRQ, Medicaid- and CHIP-eligible children with siblings who are ineligible for public coverage are more likely to lack health insurance and less likely to receive preventive health and dental care compared with children in families in which all siblings are eligible for the same public insurance program (all-Medicaid or all-CHIP). The authors examined insurance coverage, access to care and healthcare use for children in families with a mix of either "Medicaid- and CHIP-eligible" children or "eligible and ineligible" children, and found no differences between children in Medicaid-CHIP mixed families and children in all-Medicaid- or all-CHIP-eligible families. The study did find that differences for children in eligible-ineligible mixed families persisted even among eligible children who were covered by public insurance, and concluded that complications associated with mixed eligibility appear to be related to the difficulties faced by families when only some of their children are eligible for public coverage.