Statewide Medicaid expansion by 2020 could increase health center funding by $230M

September 06, 2015

An analysis by researchers from HHS and George Washington University found if states adopted Medicaid expansion by 2020, they would receive nearly $230 million in additional revenue during that year. Researchers examined how state decisions to not expand Medicaid affected the use of behavioral health services by analyzing 2012 Uniform Data System data and the projected health center insurance case mix in 2020, according to the abstract. They used the estimated percentage of total revenues that supported specialty behavioral treatment services to determine the number of possible encounters with behavioral health specialists if Medicaid were adopted by all states in 2020. In addition to the additional revenue, they found that $11.3 million would potentially be used for mental health services, and $1.6 million for substance abuse disorder services. The American Psychiatric Association said the study highlights that expanding Medicaid would likely result in higher utilization of behavioral health services in health centers.