Massachusetts removes 205,000 people from MassHealth

August 25, 2015

State officials removed 205,000 people from Massachusetts' Medicaid rolls, the result of a first round of checks to make sure that everyone enrolled in MassHealth is eligible for it. The removals are expected to save MassHealth $250 million in both state and federal money. According to data provided by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services and updated Aug. 5, the state had reached out to 503,000 Medicaid enrollees asking them to provide information to demonstrate that they were still eligible. Of that group, 400,000 people responded and 360,000 submitted complete applications. The rest started the process but did not complete an application. Of those who submitted complete applications, 83% were judged to be eligible for MassHealth. Those who did not respond or did not finish applications will be removed from MassHealth.