Study finds many of the nation's poor still unaware of Obamacare options

June 08, 2015

According to a Harvard University study in Health Affairs, even in Kentucky, which championed the healthcare reform law by expanding Medicaid and running its own insurance marketplace, about half of poor people say they have heard little about the ACA. Awareness of Obamacare was even lower in Arkansas and Texas, two states that have not embraced the law as warmly. The study found 55% of those Texans and 57% of those Arkansans had heard little or nothing about the law’s extension of health coverage. Arkansas expanded Medicaid eligibility to cover more people under the law, but the state legislature prohibited spending public money to promote that or the federal subsidies available to help people buy private Obamacare plans. Texas did not expand Medicaid and restricted private groups wanting to help people enroll in new insurance options.