Michigan health policy researchers evaluating impact of larger-than-expected enrollment in expanded Medicaid

May 04, 2015

Michigan's health policy experts say the number of people who enrolled int he expanded Medicaid program in its first 100 days was what planners had expected for the entire first year. University of Michigan statisticians estimated 328,000 people enrolled in the first three months. One year after the Healthy Michigan Plan launched, they estimated that number at 603,000. To help guide policymakers deal with the influx of new patients, the university's Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation (IHPI) is undertaking a five-year evaluation of the expanded plan and its ramifications, as erquired by CMS due to the flexibility granted the state in customizing its expansion plan. In part, the study will evaluate patient engagement and retention, including the efficacy of having patients fill out mandatory health risk assessments upon enrollment and preferred methods of outreach. The state's use of term limits for lawmakers means that those involved in the process of establishing the Healthy Michigan Plan are no longer in office, meaning that the IHPI's work also aims to help guide a new cohort of Michigan's legislators in shaping the future of health policy.