Blog: The Partnership for Medicaid proposes framework for measuring care quality

April 13, 2015

In this Health Affairs piece, the co-chairs of The Partnership for Medicaid, Bruce Siegel, Margaret Murray and Dan Hawkins, are proposing a framework for Medicaid designed to allow for true state-to-state comparisons, enable states to learn from each other and provide policymakers the tools to improve quality for Medicaid recipients and reduce costs for taxpayers, states and the federal government. It also aims to provide an information source for health services researchers. Building on current Medicaid quality measurement efforts, The partnership proposes a four-step quality reporting framework:

  1. Develop a common reporting set of quality measures.
  2. Complete the federal reporting infrastructure, much of which CMS has already developed.
  3. Implement federal incentives for states to report.
  4. Require mandatory, meaningful reporting by all states soon thereafter.

The Partnership for Medicaid has met with more than 100 stakeholders, including federal and state government officials and associations, congressional staff, disability advocates, quality measurement experts, academic researchers, providers and health plans to understand how to best design the program so that it achieves its goals without overtaxing valuable resources at the state and provider levels.