Baker's budget plan shifts Medicaid payments, requires redetermination

March 04, 2015

A significant part of Governor Charlie Baker's proposal to tame a projected $1.8-billion state budget shortfall involves squeezing savings out of MassHealth. Officials said, rather than chopping benefits, narrowing eligibility or slicing rates paid to medical providers, Baker is proposing people reenroll in the program and moving costs into the next fiscal year, making them on or after July 1, 2016. By redetermining eligibility for about 1.2 million people on Medicaid, the administration thinks the process will save about $200 million for the state in the new fiscal year. The administration said the only Medicaid benefit the budget proposal cuts is for chiropractic care, saving the state about $300,000. Baker's budget would shrink a potential 16% increase next fiscal year to 5.6%, saving the state $761 million, they said.
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