Vermont senators seek waiver to increase Medicaid enrollment

February 16, 2015

Vermont senate lawmakers want to take advantage of CMS waivers to "fast track" some Medicaid eligibility determinations, but administration officials say it would create more work for the Agency of Human Services. The proposal would allow Vermont to use income information collected through its food stamp program to check people's eligibility, and with their consent, enroll them in Medicaid. Another option is to use income information for children enrolled in Dr. Dynasaur to check their parents' eligibility for adult Medicaid. The bill directs the administration to apply for a "fast track" Medicaid waiver by July 1, 2015. There are close to 6,500 uninsured Vermonters whose income makes them eligible for Medicaid - 30% of the remaining uninsured population in the state. The purpose of the bill is to cover as many of the remaining Medicaid-eligible uninsured as possible, said one of its sponsors.