New Hampshire HHS charts 'blueprint' for new operating model

February 07, 2015

The head of New Hampshire's HHS, Nick Toumpas, thinks his agency stands to learn from Apple's transformations under Steve Jobs by focusing on the principle of "concurrent engineering," which emphasized more collaboration across departments instead of the segmented organizational structure. Toumpas maintains that to better promote a "whole-person approach" to health, the agency and its more than a dozen offices and divisions need to change how they operate by building "an organization that improves the health and independence of the people we serve by emphasizing a proactive and holistic approach." The vision outlined in the organizational chart for the new operating model aims to eliminate the department's "design barriers" that make it hard for people to get the help they need in the most efficient way. The department has also been transitioning to Medicaid care management, under which outside managed care organizations are taking on some responsibilities that would otherwise be performed by the department or community-based agencies - such as coordinating therapies or medical procedures.
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