Cindy Mann to step down from CMS post

December 18, 2014

Cindy Mann, the deputy administrator at CMS, will step down next month, after five years in the position. She earned praise nationwide as a fierce advocate for healthcare access and a key leader in the rollout of Obamacare. Since taking the helm in 2009, Mann has overseen historic expansions of both Medicaid and CHIP. The agency also touted Mann's relationships with state leaders - a role that has been key as CMS entices Republican governors and legislatures to sign onto important pieces of Obamacare, such as expanding the eligibility for Medicaid. Mann has worked with 27 states to help expand Medicaid, and even in states that opted out, she helped grow enrollment by nearly 7%. Vikki Wachino, who previously served as the program's deputy director, will temporarily take over the post.
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