Planning helped Medicaid expansion rollout in Michigan, report shows

October 21, 2014

A report by a team of University of Michigan Medical School researchers found that the initial success of Michigan's Medicaid expansion may be of use to other states considering their own plans to expand the low-income health program through the Affordable Care Act. The report showed that nearly 328,000 Michigan residents signed up for the Healthy Michigan Plan within 100 days after it launched in April. That number surpassed the plan's first-year goal of 322,000. More than 400,000 were enrolled through September. Almost 80% of the people enrolled in the first 100 days of Michigan's Medicaid expansion plan had not been enrolled in other state health programs for the poor. More than a third of those who enrolled in April or May had used their health insurance to visit a doctor by the end of July, according to the report.