Reports illustrate contrasts between states that expanded Medicaid and those that didn't

August 09, 2014

Pressure is building on states to go along with the expansion of Medicaid benefits under the ACA as studies and reports from healthcare companies point out differences between states treating more poor Americans and those that aren't. Tenet Healthcare's CEO said the health system benefited from a significant migration of patients from uninsured into Medicaid with a 54% decline in uninsured admissions and a 27% decline in uninsured outpatient visits. A report from the Urban Institute said states that haven't expanded will "miss out" on more than $420 billion in federal dollars between now and 2022. In addition, the states that don't expand are losing out on increased employment in the healthcare industry from newly insured patients who have help paying for services. Families USA has released 10 issue briefs looking at "who stands to gain coverage if states expand Medicaid, the types of jobs health by those who would be helped and the overall economic benefit to the state."