Pennsylvania reaches Medicaid expansion deal with federal government

August 27, 2014

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett reached a deal with the Obama administration to extend the state's Medicaid program to half a million low-income residents under the ACA, officials said. Pennsylvania is the 27th state to broaden Medicaid to include everyone earning up to a third more than the federal poverty level. The agreement makes Corbett the ninth GOP governor to expand the program. Pennsylvania wanted to add work requirements for some beneficiaries and require them to pay premiums. Released details of the deal indicated that work requirements wouldn't be included. The Obama administration said the state can require some people to pay premiums of up to 2% of their household income, with stipulations. Pennsylvania said it also won permission to charge an $8 copay to beneficiaries who used the ER for non-emergencies. Residents who meet the qualifications will get Medicaid starting in January 2015. Premium payments will begin in 2016, federal officials said.
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