Pediatricians in Florida could see better Medicaid compensation

August 18, 2014

The possible resolution of a class-action lawsuit against Florida health and child-welfare officials could mean physicians will receive what they consider to be adequate compensation for treating children of the poor, according to The Miami Herald. The lawsuit, filed in 2005 by pediatricians, dentists and nine children against the AHCA, the Department of Children and Families and the Department of Health, claimed that Florida violated federal law by providing inadequate Medicaid services to children, and that their care had been hampered by low Medicaid payments to doctors. A federal judge is expected to rule on the case in October. Medicaid payments to pediatricians, and primary-care doctors in general, were bumped up for two years by the ACA. But that will end Dec. 31 and the Florida Legislature's passage of $3.4 million in increased Medicaid payments to pediatricians for the coming fiscal year doesn't come close to achieving parity with federal Medicare levels for comparable services.