Florida, Texas expand Medicaid for children

September 28, 2014

Republican lawmakers in Florida and Texas who previously rejected the ACA's Medicaid expansion for adults, broadened the program this year for school-age children, reports Kaiser Health News in collaboration with USA Today. Those states were among 21 that were required to widen Medicaid eligibility for children between the ages of 6 and 18 by 2014, a provision of the health law that has helped at least 1.5 million children gain coverage under Medicaid. While many of those kids were previously enrolled in another government insurance program, children are typically better off in Medicaid because it offers broader health benefits at lower cost to their families. Consumer advocates say they welcome the expansion of eligibility to children in families making 138% of the federal poverty level, or $32,913 for a family of four, raised from the poverty level, or $23,850 for a family of four.