Marc A. Thibodeau, J.D., M.Sc.

Executive Director, Center for Health Care Financing
Commonwealth Medicine
University of Massachusetts Medical School

As Director of Commonwealth Medicine's Center for Health Care Financing, Marc A. Thibodeau oversees all the Center's operations, administration, and consulting functions. In addition to determining the Center's organizational and programmatic directions, Mr. Thibodeau determines strategy and evaluates business opportunities. He is also responsible for monitoring federal claiming activity.

Previously, Mr. Thibodeau served as the Managing Director of Federal Revenue for the Center for Health Care Financing. In that role, he expanded the Center's out-of-state operations and supervised school-based claiming programs in four states. His strong legal background enabled him to provide advice to government-agency clients, as well as to negotiate and develop contract models that help protect clients' interests. Mr. Thibodeau was also instrumental in promoting the "medical-school model" — the creation of relationship between a public university and the health and human service agencies in its state — with a vision of improving public health-care delivery in those venues.

Before joining the Center for Health Care Financing in 1998, Mr. Thibodeau served as Assistant General Counsel for MassHealth the Massachusetts Medicaid program, where he provided legal support for the agency's information systems, internal controls, and pharmacy and nursing home units. He also conducted procurements and developed contracts with vendors and other state agencies.

As Assistant General Counsel for the Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare, he advised the agency regarding the Food Stamp, Medicaid, AFDC, and Refugee programs. In addition to conducting procurements and authored contracts with public and private parties, he represented the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in front of administrative agencies and in state courts.

Mr. Thibodeau holds a master's degree in political science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also attended Boston College, where he earned both a law degree and a bachelor's degree in history and political science.